Resveratrol, a Panacea Against Many Diseases

Resveratrol found under the skin of grapes, main ingredient in red wine is found out to be the main reason behind French Paradox. People all over the world were admiring the French at their immunity against heart diseases in spite of eating fat products. Researchers have found out that it is because of the high consumption of red wine.
When Pathogens like bacteria and fungi attack a plant Resveratrol (chemical composition- 3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene)  is produce. It is a natural phenol and a phytoalexin, capable of curing many diseases. It is found in the skin of grapes and in wine.  Wine has been a subject of research by medical scholars for thousands of years. It is an accepted fact that wine has healing properties and it has been attributed to many other constituents of wine. They listed the above mentioned natural phenol as a toxin and it was shelved. Wine has the quality to prevent cancer, cardio vascular disease and they have many other medicinal properties. In a study in Denmark on 25000 wine drinkers, it was found that the wine drinkers have 40% lesser risk of dying. In 1990s research was carried out to find the reason for lesser instances of heart attack among French in spite of consuming more fat and they found that the abundance of the 3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene chemical compound being the reason for this French Paradox.

Resveratrol Benefits
Many researches on the resveratrol benefits have acknowledged its ability to prevent heart diseases. It is a dietary agent controlling many facets of heart diseases. As a powerful antioxidant, it prevents fat being accumulated in the body and it makes the body completely cholesterol free. Many may know that oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is an important factor in heart related problems and Vitamin E is given for removing the radicals that oxidize the fat and proteins, the vitamin E content of this stilbenoid acts against all the radicals that oxidize the fat cells. It scavenges them away from the body and makes the heart function easily. Free radical activity has to be controlled or nullified for a healthy heart. Due to the free radical activity, the arteries in heart may get thickened or narrowed down and it can prevent this and it will also prevent the blood cells from sticking together. This is very important for preventing heart attacks. Scientists made research on other ingredients of red wine and they found out only3, 5, 4-trihydroxy-Trans-stilbene has this capacity to prevent the cells from sticking together. One of the key factors required for heart function is nitric oxide and it allows the blood vessels to relax and thus enhances the blood flow into heart. Recent studies proved that high cholesterol diet will decrease the nitric oxide by nearly one third. Intake of supplements of 3, 5, 4-trihydroxy-Trans-stilbene chemical compound reversed this trend and it has the same effect as Viagra in affecting nitric oxide. While Viagra affected only the smaller cells and this supplement has affected the arteries and thereby eased the breath and controlled coronary diseases very effectively.
Resveratrol supplements can be effective against problems like Alzheimers because of its ability to scavenge the free radicals. The research is at its preliminary levels but scientists have expressed hope that these supplements may act against those free radicals that cause disturbance in mind and lead to diseases like Alzheimers. However, it is already proved that this can protect the brain against oxidative stress and keep its cells alive. If it is consumed along with vital vitamins like C or E, you can be assured of better brain protection and can keep dreaded conditions like Alzheimers away from you. Chinese researchers have confirmed the role of its supplements in curing patients with spinal chord injury or serious stroke or trauma. A regular consumption of this supplement will prevent strokes. Scientists have claimed that this supplement can effectively block cancer. Serious studies are being done in many places all over the world and the results received are in positive direction.
Resveratrol weight loss

It is slowly acknowledged for its weight loss properties and muscle endurance. People who could not keep them fit use different types of medicine to keep themselves fit. Most of the health supplements are detrimental to health but this one as a natural ingredient is absolutely safe and works as wonderful natural weight loss mechanism. Due to the spurt of interest in this after the declaration of its role in French Paradox, scientists and researchers were spending more time on finding its other qualities.  They have found out that it has the ability to rev up body metabolism and spark weight loss. They have also found out it has anti ageing and life extending qualities in it. Though, yet to be proved on human beings, its testing as a weight loss supplement had been highly successful and the trials on human beings are under process.
One of the main resveratrol side effects reported is diarrhea and it happens only when consumes high doses of low quality supplements containing 50% or less and this is because of the presence of emodin. This can cause stomach cramps and pains in people with sensitive stomachs. A high quality supplement will not have this problem. Some of the users have reported joint pains and muscular aches. Many reported development of Achilles tendinitis and it happened only when the resveratrol dosage was high. On reduction of the dose, this problem disappeared. Some people have reported insomnia and anxiety after one two weeks use and so far no reason is found and it is assumed it may be because of some other ingredients in low quality products as no one who had consumed high quality supplement of product has reported this symptom. People who are on prescription medicines should consult a doctor because it may interact with those medicines.

Resveratrol Reviews
Most of the resveratrol reviews are highly positive even in this initial stage and the demand for the products is on steep increase. Those who have used have found it to be highly effective and there are many who are skeptical about its results. All the user reviews found in many sites are highly positive and all the negative criticisms are only from people who have not tried it even once. It is absolutely safe if consumed as per the recommended dosage. Using it along with grape juice or red wine may cause uneasiness that is common with overdose but this is absolutely safe.
Use resveratrol and find remedy for many existing conditions and it will also prevent many diseases from nearing you. You can contact the following link for high quality products at discounted prices. This is definitely a panacea and it will keep you and your family healthy and happy.